Reactive Architecture and Domain-Driven Design

Put Reactive Architecture to Work with Domain-Driven Design and Actors

Intensive, 2-Day, Hands-On Architecture and Programming Workshop by Vaughn Vernon

This intensive, two-day, hands-on workshop first builds your foundation with a background in reactive programming and the Actor Model. The class then expands your understanding with advanced application and system design approaches, such as how to use Domain-Driven Design to build Microservices.

The workshop then takes you much deeper into more advanced topics of using the vlingo/platform, including vlingo/actors, vlingo/cluster, vlingo/http, and other powerful platform tooling.

This is a hands-on workshop. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in workshop modeling and programming exercises using Event Storming and writing vlingo-based source code that includes implementing multiple interacting Microservices. All exercises my be implemented using any JVM language, including Java, Kotlin, and Scala.

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Day 1: Building Reactive Systems with Microservices and the Actor Model

The first day of the workshop builds your foundation with actors using vlingo/actors. You will learn all the basics about Actor Model, such as building resilient systems, and how actors help you deliver on both performance and scalability. Building on the foundation, the workshop next features Domain-Driven Design as a means to architect and design microservices.

  • What Is Reactive Programming?
  • Using a Microservices Architecture
  • How Does the Actor Model Work?
  • Using Actor Interfaces and Implementation Classes
  • Creating Type-Safe, Concurrent, Reactive Microservices
  • Dividing Up Work with Actors
  • Testing Actors
  • Developing Resilient Systems
  • Performance and Scalability with Actors
  • Modeling Your Business with Domain-Driven Design and Actors
  • Using vlingo/actors to Build Microservices
  • You are now prepared to implement Microservices with Domain-Driven Design on Day 2

Day 2: Advanced Reactive Development with the vlingo/platform

The second day of the workshop expands on the topics of business applications and scalability using actors. You will implement interacting Microservices based on Domain-Driven Design. You will learn how to use the vlingo/platform to create RESTful HTTP services, how to create services that use CQRS as well as Event Sourcing, and collaborate and integrate multiple services using Domain Events and Event-Driven Architecture.

  • As a platform, implement multiple interacting vlingo-based Microservices
  • Learn how to use vlingo/http to develop Web-based RESTful services
  • Employ vlingo/cluster to achieve reactive, scalable, and resilient Microservices
  • Perform service registration and discovery using vlingo/directory
  • Discover how simple it is to use CQRS and Event Sourcing with vlingo



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