Implementing Domain-Driven Design

Learn How Your Team Can Put DDD to Use

Intensive, 3-Day, Hands-On IDDD Workshop by Vaughn Vernon

Learn how your team can put DDD to work on a project. Go beyond the theory of DDD and see how teams can actually use DDD to accelerate their strategic initiatives in a way that helps them design for the business’ competitive advantage. Emphasis is placed on software development as a craft by embracing best practices of design in source code that works within the framework of agile processes, and de-emphasizes attempts to solve real strategic business software initiatives by throwing technology at the problem. If your organization is looking for the way forward with Microservices, consider this workshop an essential foundation.

Announcing the Distilled Tour, February – July 2017: Netherlands, Phoenix, Sao Paulo, San Jose, NYC, Seattle

See the Implementing Domain-Driven Design Workshop for details and registration.


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