Distilling Domain-Driven Design / SINGLE

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Featured: Domain-Driven Design Distilled LiveLessons (4-hour video training)

What is Domain-Driven Design all about? You may have heard that it’s a complex approach to software development. With this class, containing approximately one hour of video content, we distill Domain-Driven Design, making it as simple as possible to put it to basic use in your project. In just under one hour you will learn the basics of the most critical aspects of Domain-Driven Design. This course comes with a Single License for viewing by one person. It is a great resource for you to get an informative overview and to help you sell your management on using DDD.


Tactical Design with Aggregates / SINGLE

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: Vaughn VernonComplexity: Standard

Learn what Aggregates are and why and when you should use them. Study each of the four rules of thumb of effective Aggregate design, all while adhering to the Ubiquitous…


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