Expert Consulting and Training

We are a small, business-first, consultancy and training company. Our focus is on providing business-driven, rather than technology-driven, solutions. Of course, choosing the right technologies is key to success. Even so, our commitment is to balance just the right technology choices with the more essential and unique business vision, leading to greater strides toward your core aspirations. In doing so, we place strong emphasis on leveraging simplicity, where possible, to force complexity to surrender to rigorous and determined software design efforts.

Consulting: We provide consulting for both strategic and tactical software development using Domain-Driven Design. We specialize in both the Java and .NET platforms.

Live Training: Our live training instructs you on advanced topics such as Domain-Driven Design, Reactive Systems, Microservices, and Event-Driven Architecture. For Domain-Driven Design live training, see the Implementing Domain-Driven Design Workshop.

Online Training: Use our simple navigation to select from online courses that you’d like to take. After selecting one or more training courses that interest you, manage your progress and completion under My Courses. It’s just that easy.


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